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Disciplinary Clearance

Study Abroad Conduct Clearance Process

Participating in a study abroad program includes demonstrating an ability to abide by Gonzaga University’s standards, values, and expectations as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. The Study Abroad Office requests conduct history information from the Office of Community Standards prior to approving a study abroad application.

The following students are not cleared for study abroad programs:
  1. Students who are on probation or suspension, subsequently students who are placed on probation or suspension before leaving will have their clearance revoked.
  2. Students with outstanding or overdue sanctions.

Based on the nature of an individual study abroad program, the cultural and legal expectations of the program country, the program size and staffing level, the Study Abroad Office may deny a study abroad application based on information provided by the Office of Community Standards.  This information includes Student Code of Conduct violations related to assault, sexual misconduct, drugs, alcohol, and other misconduct of a highly disruptive nature.

The Study Abroad Office will review student conduct status until the time of study abroad program departure. Violations of University policy after acceptance into a study abroad program may result in removal from the program and forfeiture of any fees, including but not limited to, program fees, airfare, visa/passport fees, housing deposits, and others.

Students represent Gonzaga University while studying abroad and are responsible for abiding by applicable laws, University standards, and study abroad rules and expectations.  Violations of the Student Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action while participating in a study abroad program or upon a student’s return to Gonzaga University.

This policy is developed by the Study Abroad Office, under the direction of the Academic Vice President and the Office of Community Standards, under the direction of the Student Development Vice President.