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Now that you have returned from your time abroad, you may be experiencing reverse culture shock. This can be hard on students, so if you do feel that you are experiencing some symptoms of reverse culture shock, come by the office and talk to us. Many of the staff have lived and studied abroad extensively, so we know exactly what you are going through.

You may be thinking, now that you've had this life-changing experience, what's next? You could consider another study abroad trip, think about an international career, post-graduate service or research, or begin to look for an international scholarship to do post-grad schooling abroad. Less than 2% of American college students study abroad, so choosing to study abroad has already made you a more competitive candidate with whatever your post-study abroad plans are; its also excellent resume building experience. 

No matter what you want or plan to do, be sure to utilize the following resources to assist you in processing,  reflecting on your experience, and integrating it into your resume and post-graduate activities.  Gonzaga has a number of opportunities to get involved with.

Re-Entry Resources & On-Campus Opportunities

Post-Graduate International Opportunities

Professional Development & Events