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Sexual Misconduct

Sexual harassment, assault, and interpersonal violence can happen anywhere. Unfortunately, study abroad programs are no exception. It is important to be remember that different cultures and governments have varying attitudes, societal norms and laws regarding sex, sexuality, harassment and violence. However, respecting and adapting to cultural difference does not mean that you need to submit to behaviors that invade your personal boundaries or that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.


If you are sexually assaulted or want to report on behalf of a friend or fellow student:
  • Mandated reporters will not notify parents, relatives or emergency contacts
  • Find a place where you feel safe.
  • Contact local police or consider contacting Stephanie Whaley, Title IX Coordinator, at or 509-313-6910 phone number for questions about medical attention, reporting, and confidential support options.
  • Consider seeking medical attention even if you are not seeking evidence collection.  It is important to be tested for sexually transmitted infections and to treat possible internal injury.
  • Consider talking with a counseling professional who can help you begin to process and understand what happened.  This person can help you cope with emotional difficulties that may arise after an assault.