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Study Abroad

An exchange program enables a Gonzaga student to enroll directly into a foreign university for a semester (or full year) at the same cost as the student would be paying at Gonzaga. This study abroad option provides the best opportunity for true, authentic cultural immersion. Students enroll in the host university’s courses as regular students and usually take their classes in the native language of the country. In recent years, many universities have added courses in English for the benefit of their students, so this could certainly be a possibility depending on where you decide to study. To find out more about what classes are offered, students should meet with a study abroad advisor.

The exchange option tends to be the most financially feasible, as students typically pay the equivalent of their semester at Gonzaga plus airfare. Gonzaga financial aid and scholarships can also be used on these programs.

Grades from the exchange term will be transferred back to Gonzaga and applied to students' GPA as counted Gonzaga credit.